Case Study: AIG


American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a leading global insurance organization serving commercial, institutional, and individual customers through one of the most extensive worldwide property-casualty networks of any insurer.


AIG's Global Finance Centers, established in 2014, are comprised of a dynamic, cross-functional team of talented finance professionals, committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of key financial processes and supporting the mission to drive and protect value across all of AIG.


To support further growth, the company wanted to create a talent pool of leaders across the value chain, and they needed a customized leadership program which would meet their specific objectives. In response, Dale Carnegie Training partnered with AIG to design and deploy a Learning & Development (L&D) ecosystem to enhance performance improvement and professional excellence by focusing on behavioral, managerial, and leadership development.


Four hundred learners completed the six-month, blended, time-spaced learning journey which consisted of a pre-training assessment with a face-to-face debrief, the creation of individual development blueprints; three classroom capsules [The Human Relations Master Class (Self), Building Your Personal Brand and Leadership Excellence (Performance)]; periodic coaching and reinforcement; micro-learning capsules and a post-training assessment to measure effectiveness.




To support future growth. Given the dynamic and challenging environment, AIG wanted to deepen its leadership pipeline across the value chain.


Four hundred high-potential employees were identified for a targeted intervention to improve their proficiency in four key competencies: Organizational Ability; Leadership Skills; Innovation and Adaptability - to prepare them for higher levels of leadership responsibility in the future and to generate measurable business impact now.




Dale Carnegie partnered with AIG to design a Learning & Development ecosystem with a focus on behavioral, managerial and leadership development.


The six-month, blended, time-spaced learning journey consisted of a pre-training assessment with a face-to-face debrief, the creation of individual development blueprints; three classroom modules; periodic coaching and reinforcement; micro-learning modules and a post-training assessment to measure effectiveness.




The intervention helped AIG Global Finance Centers improve their future leaders' skills in all four key competencies. Pre- and post-training assessment results showed increased proficiency levels for all learners who completed the program.


Concrete business results in terms of time, cost and quality, along with anecdotal success stories and more than fifty participant testimonials indicate the leadership pipeline is well on its way to being future-ready.

"Dale Carnegie created a Learning Ecosystem based on our 18 Global Behaviors which across our India offices we have been able to internalize and live on a daily basis with our customers." - Kashyap Gupta (Head L&D - AIG India)


"My team members and I used to focus only on our individual goals and deadlines. Post-training, we have started seeing things from the other person's perspective, so that we proactively come forward to help each other in our work which has helped reduce stress and increased the team's productivity by 20%-30%." - Somiya Agarwal (Program Participant)



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