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Topher Olsen, Alliance Residential

What can a company do when a small sales team develops into a large and growing department? Topher Olsen, Senior Director of Learning & Development at Alliance Residential, faced this problem when his team began to scale to the point that Dale Carnegie's in-person training options were no longer enough to meet demand. Ins...

Meet Brittany Schmid. As a Dale Carnegie franchise President for nearly four years, Brittany offers training programs in San Diego and the Bay Area. Learn how her strong belief in the importance of human connections and interpersonal communication drove her work with a renewable energy company, and how developing those skills helped build a stronger, inno...

Meet Pallavi Jha. As Chairperson and Managing Director of Dale Carnegie Training India, Pallavi has worked with more than 8,000 organizations to date, and has equipped countless companies with the skills needed to scale in India's competitive, dynamic economy. Her emphasis on trust-based selling and relationships in the sales process has opened new doors...

Meet Cesar Kaghofer. A Dale Carnegie franchise Owner for more than 20 years, Cesar brings a wealth of experience to his work across four states in Brazil. Learn how the original Dale Carnegie principles of emotional change and personal development form the basis of Cesar's efforts to train his clients to meet new challenges and make difficult decisions.


Tim Karger - Sales Director, Dell EMC

Unity, engagement, communication - these intangible skills can make the difference between a good sales team and a truly great one. When Tim Karger, Senior Sales Director at Dell EMC's Global Commercial Channels team, was looking for a way to polish his employees' skills, he turned to Dale Carnegie. Learn how we worked...

Meet Juliette Dennett. A Managing Director of Dale Carnegie UK, Juliette brings more than two decades of experience to her programs in Northern England. Learn about her work with one of the UK's most successful privately-owned businesses, and how changing leadership styles and attitudes lead to greater employee engagement and a positive, emotionally-conne...

Glenn Kalokira, Estee Lauder

Success starts with self. Introspection, self-awareness, and empathy are the building blocks of a successful career, and are key elements of the Dale Carnegie training method. Learn how Glenn Kalokira, an Executive Director at Estee Lauder's Global Applications Program, gained both confidence and a deeper appreciation of his fe...

Serrinea Granville, JP Morgan Chase

There are a few things more frustrating than feeling unheard, especially when you know you have something to say. Serrinea Granville, a Global Oversight & Controls Associate at JP Morgan Chase, knew she struggled as a speaker or presenter. Training with Dale Carnegie gave her the chance to find her inner voice, and the c...

Most organizations recognize the importance of fostering an engaged workforce, but struggle to make meaningful improvements on their employee engagement levels. Dale Carnegie’s research uncovers specific areas that organizations can focus on to build a confident, empowered, and engaged workforce.

Dale Carnegie's research identified the driving factors that set apart trust and relationship based selling as an effective sales technique.

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