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One of the areas of expertise of Dale Carnegie Training as a global leader in workplace training and development is Team Member Engagement. Recent Dale Carnegie research study identified the specific behaviors you need to employ to create an engaged workforce. Our Employee Engagement White Papers explore business issues and tips critical to the success of organizations in todays' marketplace.

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White Papers

Transforming Attitudes and Actions: How Senior Leaders Create Successful Workplace Cultures

Dale Carnegie set out to examine the perceptions of senior leaders on the strength of their own company cultures, their attitudes about its importance and impact, and actions they are taking to improve it. Gain a better understanding of what companies with successful cultures are thinking and doing and discover ways in which you and your leaders can build a more engaging corporate culture.

Recognizing Leadership Blind Spots

Research shows that leaders have blind spots, and they can be costly to the organization. Sadly, most leaders believe that their vision in the world of business is 20/20, so it takes a little convincing to get them to see the error of their ways. This paper, supported by employee surveys, identifies the blind spots and offers effective solutions to address them.

Igniting Millennial Engagement

Millennials are soon to be the largest segment of the workforce. How do we engage them? The data covered in this paper provides strategies for inspiring relationships across generational divides to create a culture that works together.

Enhancing Employee Engagement: 
The Role of the Immediate Supervisor

Engagement means happy, loyal employees, and happy, loyal customers. Engagement leads to improvement in retention levels and impacts the bottom line. Knowing how immediate supervisors act as the catalyst for employee engagement enables you to leverage this tool to move the needle on employment engagement levels, and bottom line impacts.

Connect with People: The Foundation for Employee Trust and Engagement

As the pressures of workplace expectations increase, we often forget the importance of human connection. This paper takes us back to the basics; it calls for a revitalized commitment to building supportive and cooperative relationships. The data provides strategies for building a foundation based on connection.

Communicate for Action

Effective communication is a crucial skill in bringing success to your organization. This paper explores how to make your message compelling and consistent by framing it in a way that benefits the listener. Learn how to communicate—not just tell—and watch your listeners achieve!

The 3 + 3 of Experience Innovation

This paper focuses on six trending innovations that companies are using to address the challenges they identify as barriers to their success. There are 3 market-facing trends along with 3 workplace-focused trends. The market-facing trends analyze an in-depth understanding of their customers’ expectations, and unexpressed needs, while the workplace trends evaluate how best to optimize the workplace experience.

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Team Conflict Resolution Strategies

When a team player has an issue with another, a leader should be willing and able to address problems directly and as swiftly as possible. When you understand different conflict resolution strategies, you’ll be able to more easily see things from another person’s perspective, engage your team members, and work effectively with challenging situations before they become crippling to the team’s progress -- and most assuredly before there is bloodshed.

Time Management: A Practical Guide To Efficiently Prioritizing Your Time, Enabling You To Achieve Optimum Results

The reality of today’s world is that we must achieve great results within less time. The key is to optimize your time, both professionally and personally, in a manner that will yield the most ideal results. This brief guide is designed to help you prioritize tasks and work efficiently.

Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact

This guide gives you powerful insight into your own strengths and weaknesses as a communicator. It is designed to help you learn to disagree in an agreeable manner, assert yourself confidently and tactfully, and demonstrate an open and understanding attitude toward others. Think Mother Teresa!

Leading A Multi-Generational Workforce

According to a Dale Carnegie Training Employee Engagement study, “Employees who feel their immediate manager displays strong leadership, positive standards and interest in them on a personal level are more engaged.” This ebook is designed to show you what makes each generation tick, so that you can effectively give them the personal attention that they need. Knowing how to communicate, coach, motivate and provide feedback for each generation is vital.

How to Run an Effective Performance Review

This is a quick and easy plan for conducting a well-prepared, constructive, and positive performance review. It will show you the best ways to encourage, empower, and engage your employees with the performance appraisal. You’ll learn that by exhibiting the right attitude when discussing areas that need improvement, you can ignite workplace enthusiasm.

How to Provide Feedback Without Insulting Your Workers

A recent Dale Carnegie Training Employee Engagement Study revealed that the immediate supervisor, and their behavior and attitude, drives employee engagement in the workplace. If managers want to maintain engaged workers, they need to provide feedback and constructive criticism in a positive way, without condescension or antagonism. In short, you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar!

Dale Carnegie Quick Tips for Outstanding Customer Service

It might sound simple, but driving profitability and growth stems from customer service and satisfaction. Transforming a customer into a champion hinges on perfecting the details throughout the customer lifecycle. This guide offers practical customer service tips you can use immediately – and leave your competitors in the dust… every. single. time.

Sales Management Guidebook

Accomplished sales leaders strive to ensure that the workplace is engaging. The relationship between managers and their team members is one of the primary indicators of employee engagement and team success. When managers take an active and supporting role in goal setting and in team members’ accountability, people on the team feel they can make a difference and are more engaged in achieving results.

Sales Effectiveness: Overcoming Objections

As long as there is business to be conducted, there will be objections to overcome. This ebook will guide you through the steps of overcoming objections by listening to concerns, questioning to understand, cushioning to acknowledge that you understand, responding, and finally evaluating whether or not the client is ready to move forward.

Internal Conflict Resolution Guidebook

The ability to interact with people is even more important today with the pressures of our complex and fast-paced work environments. The book presents ideas for analyzing conflict situations and resolution methods that foster cooperation. Discover how to interpret individual reactions to conflict, enabling them to understand and better manage emotions and needs.

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