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Building Great Teams


Teams are dynamic, ever-evolving workplace entities. If the team is continually building on the strengths of the individual team members, and building structure and efficiency in its processes, it will achieve greater and greater success.

In this workshop, we look at ways to strengthen the sense of common purpose among team members. We use the powerful forces of values and vision to unite the team and give it direction. We commit to adjusting our interacting with our team in order to provide an environment of mutual support.


Communicate with greater impact

Apply leadership skills that motivate others

Control our attitude and emotions

Build a cohesive team and be a model team player

Exhibit greater self confidence


A 4-hour workshop delivered on-site.


Normal cost is $4000 for up to 50 people. For December 2019, the cost is $2500.

Listening Skills for Boosting Communication

Date: November 22, 2019 (9am - 11am)

Location: Fremont College

18000 Studebaker Rd. Suite 900A, Cerritos, CA 90703

Price: FREE

Without understanding the world becomes a chaotic place. There is wasted time, money and resources and added frustration. The good news is we can do something about it. One of the most effective tools we can use to gain understanding is to improve our ability to listen. How often do misunderstandings occur and what is the cost? While listening is only one side of a conversation, it is usually the neglected side. Attentive listening is far more challenging, more demanding, and more difficult than speaking.

You are invited to attend an interactive session to help us identify the seven types of listeners, and walk away with an effective listening-communication model to apply in our lives. Take listening skills to a higher level.

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