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The Better Prepared You Are, The Faster You Rise

As the transition from high school, to college, to the workplace becomes more competitive than ever, it’s important for young adults to balance the demands of school, work and relationships, with their future goals in sight.

Our Youth Leadership Program prepares young people for the real world. It gives them the skills and confidence they need to authentically distinguish themselves from their peers, and discover their full potential. Many young people lack the social relationship skills needed to interact with adults in the business world. Our youth course can help teens develop communication skills beyond their device, and start engaging with others in a meaningful way. Young people will also discover how to handle and even seek out new responsibilities while becoming better able to cope with the pressures that adolescents face.

Dale Carnegie Youth Program

The Challenges of Today Teens Face

  • Comfortable with technology but not with people

  • Under tremendous pressure in the present and about the future

  • Inexperienced at building relationships, especially new ones

  • Unskilled at influencing others outside their age group

  • Lack of “soft skills” leads to a cycle of frustration and unhappiness


Skills Teens Will Learn


At Dale Carnegie Training, we call them “skills that will last a lifetime.” The course content focuses on five key areas that are critical for future success:

  • Building Self-confidence

  • Enhancing Communication Skills

  • Interpersonal Skill Development

  • Teamwork and Leadership Skills

  • Effective Attitude Management


The Program

  • Two-day immersion “boot camp”

  • Dynamic, engaging environment with immediate application and coaching

  • Delivered by fully certified trainers and eligible for college credit

  • Relevant professional examples from title sponsor and guest speakers

  • Participants applications include essay and recommendation

  • Twenty participants selected for each class

Upcoming Courses


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