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Meet Cesar Kaghofer. A Dale Carnegie franchise Owner for more than 20 years, Cesar brings a wealth of experience to his work across four states in Brazil. Learn how the original Dale Carnegie principles of emotional change and personal development form the basis of Cesar's efforts to train his clients to meet new challenges and make difficult decisions.


Glenn Kalokira, Estee Lauder

Success starts with self. Introspection, self-awareness, and empathy are the building blocks of a successful career, and are key elements of the Dale Carnegie training method. Learn how Glenn Kalokira, an Executive Director at Estee Lauder's Global Applications Program, gained both confidence and a deeper appreciation of his fe...

Serrinea Granville, JP Morgan Chase

There are a few things more frustrating than feeling unheard, especially when you know you have something to say. Serrinea Granville, a Global Oversight & Controls Associate at JP Morgan Chase, knew she struggled as a speaker or presenter. Training with Dale Carnegie gave her the chance to find her inner voice, and the c...

Austin Kapetanakis, CheapOair

Public speaking rarely comes naturally, even for the most talented or intelligent of us. Austin Kapetanakis, a Senior Associate of Learning and Development at CheapOair, turned to Dale Carnegie as he sought to gain confidence and skills as a presenter and public speaker. Our public speaking courses take students through numero...

Dale Carnegie Training empowers you to take command of your career and of your future. Whether you're searching for the confidence needed to embark on a new venture or for the strength to enact change in your community, we offer proven tools to help you make an impact.

Learn how Dale Carnegie changed Warren Buffet's life.

In the popular film “The Matrix,” the character Neo discovers that he’s been part of a fabricated world that, while simple and blissful, isn’t reality. In a key scene, he’s offered a choice between two pills.

If he takes the blue pill, he goes back to the fabricated world, remembers nothing, and allows the powers that be to control his destiny.

If he takes...

Almost every time I’ve worked with clients on presentation skills training, a comment like this comes up:

The presentation part I’m fine with — it’s the interruptions and questions from the audience that throw me for a loop.

Many people believe that a successful presentation or briefing is one when you never get interrupted by the customer and nobody has an...

A few days ago, a colleague and I were discussing why some professionals seem to always excel in their career growth, while many others struggle.

Many factors contribute, but a significant one is how well (or not) we assert our accomplishments with colleagues, customers, and industry partners. Some do this too aggressively, appearing arrogant. Many others,...

Many have heard this advice when structuring a presentation:

  1. Tell ’em what you’re going to tell them.

  2. Tell ’em.

  3. Tell ’em what you’ve told them.

The above encourages many people to begin presentations with a review of the main points to be covered. While helpful to people who are just learning to give presentations, it comes with a downside:


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