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Take the Red Pill

In the popular film “The Matrix,” the character Neo discovers that he’s been part of a fabricated world that, while simple and blissful, isn’t reality. In a key scene, he’s offered a choice between two pills.

If he takes the blue pill, he goes back to the fabricated world, remembers nothing, and allows the powers that be to control his destiny.

If he takes the red pill, he escapes the fabricated world, enters a difficult journey with few guarantees, but controls his destiny and the potential for a real life.

It wouldn’t have been much of a movie if he had picked blue.

In reality though, most people pick blue.

While I’m fairly certain we’re not living in a fabricated reality, I’m also fairly certain that most of us rely on the powers that be to control our destinies.

We wait for someone to come our way with the next assignment or promotion.

We hope to get on the new team or get the chance for the perfect schedule.

We wait for John to retire in four years because, once he does, work will be so much better than it is today (it will, won’t it?)

We hope that these things fall into our laps. Occasionally, random chance does go our way.

But most of the time, the best opportunities seem to find their way to certain people.

Those who took the red pill.

You already know who they are:

  • The people that always seem to know the right person to get traction for their idea.

  • Those who seem to get along with everyone, even the people they don’t agree with.

  • The ones that seem to get involved with every professional development opportunity.

  • Those who masterfully influence others to create a reality they benefit from.

  • The people who seem to have an uncanny way of getting things done without putting in ridiculous hours.

These people are few and far between. They don’t see the world the same way most others do.

They don’t rely on the powers that be to define their reality.

They create their reality — even within very large organizations.

They traded out a mediocre, predictable career in order to be a game-changer. They take on more risk. Sometimes, they lose too.

But those who rise to the top are almost always the ones who took the red pill.

Go around and ask — where you find powerful leaders in your organization or industry is where you’ll find people who’ve made courageous decisions to respect, but not rely on, the powers that be.

They created their reality. Through others. With others.

You too can define your reality by making a decision to be the kind of person who doesn’t watch change, but IS change.

Start now by using the secrets of success that have guided millions to create their reality — with and through others:

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